Sandy Wisdom-Martin: What’s Your Altitude for Missions?

According to an insect identification database, 647 types of bugs and insects are found here in Alabama. Some downright scare me. I looked at images of each until I located the entry most resembling the flying insect I watched from a chair on my back deck.

I believe it was a common whitetail skimmer dragonfly that captured my attention. I can’t be totally sure since there are 5,000 species of dragonflies. I’m comfortable with that guess since the common whitetail is prevalent in North America.

The behavior of the dragonfly drew my interest. It dipped below the top of the deck railings. Then it kept circling inside the deck over and over again because it thought it was trapped by the rails. Only by gaining altitude could it break free from perceived captivity.

Watching the dragonfly provided a good lesson. Often we are caught in a continuous loop, unable to rise above self-imposed limitations. Gaining altitude would enable us to see a larger picture and view things in new and different ways.

Nearly 131 years ago, 32 delegates from 12 states endeavored to gain a new perspective and caught a vision for how God wanted to work in their midst. Woman’s Missionary Union was birthed. We treasure our rich missions heritage and our passion and purpose of making disciples of Jesus who live on mission.

This focus of WMU is driven by being:

— Biblically-rooted: Scripture guides us in knowing God, His ways, His character, His mission, His redemptive acts and His purpose for the church.

— Missions-focused: Jesus commissioned His disciples to proclaim good news, disciple people of all nations and teach them to live out the truths He taught.

— Church-based: Jesus gave the church authority to act on His behalf. Teaching all ages prepares the church to fulfill His mission.

— World-aware: God is always at work among all peoples, and we join Him where we discern He is calling us.

— Denominationally-supportive: No one church can do alone what many churches can do together. Our voluntary cooperation extends the missions reach of a local church.

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Source: Baptist Press