New Technological Developments Are Rapidly Expanding the Bible’s Global Reach

New developments in technology have been rapidly expanding the reach of the Gospel around the world.

The Bible translation software, “Paratext” – used by Wycliffe Bible Translators – has been recently adapted to a mobile-friendly version called “Paratext Lite.” This enables missionaries all over the world to use the technology in more remote contexts where the equipment needed to translate God’s word is harder to access or maintain, Christian Post reports.

ParaText is a leading software application used to produce, check and revise Bible translation texts. The Lite version enables teams to centralize their work and collaborate more effectively.

Not only does this technology make translation work more efficient, but also more accessible. Now, local partners and members of the native population can participate and take a lead in more of the process, changing the role of Western foreigners who come in to translate the Bible into indigenous languages.

“And that’s the exciting thing that we’re seeing is this shift over the last seven to 10 years where nationals, indigenous people are wanting to do the work themselves,” said Doug Hennum, Wycliffe’s chief innovation and information officer to Christian Post. “They are beginning to say, instead of just us helping you white Westerners do this, we want to do it; help us learn how to do it.”

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Source: Christian Headlines