JD Salinger’s Son Says He Will Release His Father’s Unpublished Work 9 Years After the ‘Catcher in the Rye’ Author Died

The as yet unseen works of J.D. Salinger, formulated over more than five decades, are to be published.

The Catcher in the Rye’s son, Matt Salinger made the revelation to the Guardian adding his father ‘never stopped writing,’ up until his death in 2010.

Actor and producer Matt Salinger, who played Captain America in the 1990 film said he was working with his father’s widow Colleen O’Neill, to get all the material ready for publication.

Matt Salinger has joint charge of the literary estate with O’Neill, J.D. Salinger’s third wife, who he married in 1988.

He did not reveal details about the unpublished stories but said it would take years to get everything ready for publication, although he added he hopes it will take less than a decade.

Matt Salinger told the Guardian that his dad had lots of ideas and thoughts, ‘ … he’d be driving the car and he’d pull over to write something and laugh to himself – sometimes he’d read it to me, sometimes he wouldn’t – and next to every chair he had a notebook.’

After his publishing career ended, J.D. Salinger was often described as a recluse and spent his remaining decades in the New Hampshire village of Cornish.

‘He just decided that the best thing for his writing was not to have a lot of interactions with people, literary types in particular,’ Salinger said. ‘He didn’t want to be playing in those poker games, he wanted to, as he would encourage every would-be writer to do, you know, stew in your own juices.’

Nothing new by J.D. Salinger, who wrote the bestseller The Catcher in the Rye in 1951, has been published since 1965.

After The Catcher in the Rye came For Esmé – with Love and Squalor, followed by Franny and Zooey, Raise High the Roof Beam, then Carpenters and Salinger’s last published work, ‘Hapworth 16, 1924,’ that appeared in The New Yorker in June 1965.

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Source: Daily Mail