Executive Producer of New Movie ‘Run The Race’ Encourages Audience to Heed Its Lessons of Faith

Run The Race executive producer Trey Brunson, says he hopes that people will watch his movie and learn some important lessons about faith and listening to God’s will.

Brunson shared with Christian Headlines that Run The Race took 14 years to make, noting that there were “a lot of twists and turns along the way.”

He said, “It was a 14-year process in the making that at times tested my patience to the limits.”

But whenever he found himself getting frustrated, Brunson said, God “would show up.”

The Executive Producer noted his awe in “God’s faithfulness,” noting that “through every turn, he would show up and show himself faithful.”

Among the challenges Brunson and the crew faced while creating this movie was securing Brunson’s long-time friend Tim Tebow for the film.

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Source: Christian Headlines