Chris Pratt Shares Quote From Christine Caine That Helps Him Stay Grounded While Being in the Spotlight

Chris Pratt joined Stephen Colbert on Thursday and shared his secret to surviving in Hollywood.

Relevant Magazine reports that the outspoken Christian sat down with The Late Show host to promote his new movie, Lego Movie 2, but he also talked about the pressures surrounding having celebrity status.

“Do you ever feel like you’re in a lion’s den by being a celebrity in the public eye with, you know, people always trying to figure out what’s going on with Chris Pratt and the cameras pointing at you,” Colbert asked the Jurassic World Star. This came after Colbert asked the actor about the Daniel Fast – a Biblical prayer and dieting fast – which Pratt recently completed.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star responded to Colbert’s question saying, “Yeah, yes, I suppose I do.”

But Pratt did not leave it there, he shared a quote from Pastor Christine Caine that has helped him to stay grounded in Hollywood. He said, “But, there’s this great quote I actually heard in church and it felt really appropriate which was, ‘if the spotlight that’s shining on you is brighter than the light that comes from within you, it’ll kill you.’”

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Source: Christian Headlines