Anne Graham Lotz to Have Her Last Round of Cancer Treatment, Says She Believes God Has Healed Her

Anne Graham Lotz shared this week that she will be having her last cancer treatment next week.

According to the Christian Post, the evangelical shared on her blog that she believes that God has healed her from her cancer and after completing her seventh round of chemotherapy, she will be ending her treatment.

Lotz wrote, “While praying with my two daughters following my fifth chemo treatment, God seemed to indicate He had healed me. Cleansed me. Removed cancer from me.”

She continued, “I pondered in my heart what I believe He had said. The numbers from my blood draw before the sixth treatment were all remarkably good. So after my sixth treatment, I began questioning whether or not I should continue chemo if, in fact, I was already healed.”

Lotz noted the difficult side effects of the cancer treatment, sharing that it made her feel debilitating weakness. Seeking clarity on what she believed God had said to her, Lotz bowed her head in prayer for hours. The daughter of the late Billy Graham said she was waiting for God to confirm to her that she no longer needed treatment.

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Source: Christian Headlines