Texas Church Pays Off School Lunch Debt for Over 200 Students

One Texas Church band together over the holidays to donate $10,000 to pay off an entire school districts student lunch debt.

According to NBC 5, Royse City First United Methodist Church has a tradition of donating its Christmas Eve offerings to charity.

In 2017, the congregation decided to donate half of the offerings to their “sister school” to help families who had fallen behind on payments for their student’s lunches.

After witnessing the impact the donation made in the previous year, the church decided to help the entire Royse City Independent School District in 2018.

In an interview with NBC 5, the church’s pastor Chris Everson said that helping the community is what the church is called to do. Everson said, “If the church does not impact the community the church is in, then the church isn’t doing its job.”

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Source: Christian Headlines