Pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel Campus in Naples, FL Fired for Not Letting James MacDonald Preach There & Requesting That Church Return to Autonomy

James MacDonald /// John Secrest

The pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel’s location in Naples, Florida has been fired after he refused to allow James MacDonald, the longtime pastor of the Chicago-area megachurch, to preach there during his recently announced “indefinite sabbatical.”

In an email to members of HBC-Naples, Thursday, John Secrest, the church pastor, said he disagreed with the decision that the Chicago-based HBC elders made recently with the announcement that MacDonald would be taking an indefinite sabbatical amid scrutiny of the church yet would preach occasionally at HBC-Naples through the winter months.

Secrest explained Thursday that he wrote the elders, asking them to reverse this decision but they refused. The Naples site was originally planted in 2016 as an independent church but partnered with Harvest Chicago in February of 2018, becoming its eighth location.

Secrest also requested that the Florida church return to local autonomy, ending the partnership agreement. The Harvest-Naples pastor maintained he was unaware of a lengthy investigation into HBC regarding the alleged abusive behavior of MacDonald, a culture of fear and intimidation at the church, and suspicious financial activities involving various ministry entities.

“The good intentions of our ministry partnership with Harvest Chicago have been overshadowed by these developments. Furthermore, when we entered into this agreement there was not a disclosure of the investigative reporting which led to a lawsuit and the resulting fallout,” Secrest wrote.

“I am grieved over my own failure of leadership to not stand firm in objections I raised during the process of making this agreement. I allowed my fear of man and my own insecurities to compromise my responsibility to protect our church. Please forgive me.”

Harvest Bible Chapel terminated Secrest Friday.

“Despite great efforts and reasoning, John has chosen not to yield to the consensus of our local leadership team or the elders of Harvest Bible Chapel. Conversations with John over the last few months, culminating this week, have made it clear that he no longer desires to work for Harvest Bible Chapel,” the elders said in a message to HBC-Naples members.

“Because of his continued unwillingness to yield to the direction of the elders and the insubordinate email he recently sent counter to the elder direction, it became clear that he should not continue in his role,” they said.

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Source: Christian Post