Ohio’s New Governor Mike DeWine Sworn into Office Using Nine Family Bibles

Ohio’s new governor Mike DeWine was sworn into office on Monday with his hand on not one, not two, but nine family Bibles.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, during his midnight swearing-in ceremony at his Cedarville, OH, farmhouse, DeWine took the oath of office while his wife held nine family bibles, meant to represent each of their eight children.

CBN News lists each Bible’s personal significance to the devout Catholic.

Reportedly, one of the Bibles was his late daughter Becky DeWine’s childhood Bible, one belonged to his great-grandmother Gertrude Budd, another was his grandmother Ruth Perkins Liddle’s New Testament Bible which was a gift from her father – a minister – on her 18thbirthday, 100 years ago, the fourth Bible was a U.S. navy Bible that belonged to his grandfather during the first of the Great Wars, the fifth Bible was passed down to his Aunt Mickey from her grandmother, another was a New Testament that DeWine and his wife brought back from Israel several years ago, the seventh Bible was a gift from the chaplain of the United States Senate Lloyd Ogilvie, the eighth belonged to his mother and the final Bible belongs to both DeWine and his wife Fran DeWine and was a 10th anniversary gift from Fran.

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Source: Christian Headlines