Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s Spurgeon College to Offer Communications Degree

A new degree program in communications has been introduced at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s undergraduate school, Spurgeon College.

The B.A. in communications, is “specifically designed to equip students to expand the footprint of Christ’s Kingdom no matter what industry, vocation or geographical location they find themselves in,” the seminary stated in a news release.

The 120-credit hour program includes ministry core courses such as biblical studies and Christian ministry intertwined with training in journalism, public relations, rhetoric, visual communications and other communications-related vocations.

“When we speak of Spurgeon College existing ‘For the Kingdom,’ offering a bachelor’s degree in communications is one of the ways we can fulfill that mission,” MBTS President Jason Allen said. “In a world filled with questions surrounding the credibility and truthfulness in many areas of communications, most notably journalism, this degree track will instill training and application from a Christian worldview for our students that will be rich in credibility, ethics and accuracy.

“Through these studies, students can take the skills they’ve learned and apply them in bivocational ministry from most anywhere in the world. This enables us to fulfill the Acts 1:8 mandate of taking the Gospel to the ends of the earth.”

The degree is fully accredited through the Higher Learning Commission and students can earn their degree at Spurgeon College’s Kansas City campus, completely online or through a combination of online and on-campus classes.

Spurgeon College dean Sam Bierig noted that just as Charles H. Spurgeon helped found more than 60 ministries that had great social and cultural impact, so also Midwestern wants to train students who will be engagers of the public sphere.

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Source: Baptist Press