TobyMac Encourages Liberty University Students to Wait on the Lord

Grammy Award-winning Christian singer TobyMac has reflected on his impressive career and admitted he “can’t do much” without God, encouraging college students to wait on the Lord’s timing in today’s fast-paced world.

During an appearance at Liberty University, the former DC Talk singer, who graduated from the college in 1988, explained that as a student, he never intended to pursue music. In fact, he was studying political science and aspired to become a professional golfer.

However, God had a different plan in mind: TobyMac (Toby McKeehan) formed friendships with two men — Michael Tait and Kevin Max — who would later become his bandmates, and began writing songs which would later turn into chart-topping hits.

“College is such a pivotal point in your lives,” he said. “I would just encourage you guys that whatever you’re thinking you’re going to do now, God might end up giving you a different plan. Be open to that because He could switch things around, and it could be so dope.”

Decades later, McKeehan has released eight albums, won several Grammy Awards, and written more than 100 songs. But none of his success would be possible without God, he said.

“I just can’t do much without God,” he admitted. “When I walk in the studio, even though I’ve written a lot of songs, I still walk in a needy man. I still say, ‘God, hollow me of myself. Hollow me of me and the junk that would get in the way of Your way, my pride, my insecurity, my doubt, and just hollow me enough to where You can breathe a song through me that would turn people’s eyes to You.'”

The singer emphasized that every song he writes “begins with collaboration with God” before moving into people. Humanity was created for community, he said, encouraging students to engage with one another in today’s technology-driven world.

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Source: Christian Post