Thousands Commissioned to Share Jesus at Awakening Australia

Tens of thousands of Christians attended a three-day revival event in Australia this past weekend and were commissioned to share the most powerful message on earth — Jesus.

Organized by Ben Fitzgerald, leader of Awakening Europe and who was previously on staff at Bethel Church in California, Awakening Australia saw thousands of people go out on the streets over several days and engage in conversations in hopes of bringing others to Christ. What many were surprised by was the positive reception of the Gospel.

I’m not sure if there’s any devils left,” said Daniel Hagen co-director of Awakening Australia, on Sunday, the final day of the event. “I think we’ve run them all out of town.”

Hundreds of people signed cards to accept Christ and many more also committed to follow Christ during street evangelism. Organizers have been praying for 100,000 souls to be saved this year in Australia.

Fitzgerald argued that people are hungry for more of God.

“I sense the Lord wanting to raise up people who want to become missionaries to their own nation. For Australia, we want Australians to become missionaries to Australia. Our heart is not to have another meeting, another big conference,” he said at Marvel Stadium.

“But this is grassroots, where people take over and run with this. We want people to run back across the country, set on fire to see thousands of people in Australia turn back to God.”

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Source: Christian Post