Survivors of ISIS Bus Attack on Christians in Egypt Recount Horrors of Seeing Parents & Children Killed

Victims of last week’s attack on Coptic Christians have detailed the horrifying moments when gunmen murdered seven and injured at least 20 others after they left worship at a monastery in Egypt.

“We visited the monastery and spent a wonderful time but on our way back we were attacked by two cars who fired on us,” 7-year-old Mina Basem told the Saudi-based Arab News. “I don’t remember anything after that.”

Basem’s mother, Reham Milad Yusuf, was killed in the attack on buses departing from a desert Monastery near Minya last Friday. The Islamic State has claimed responsibility.

Basem’s brother also suffered injuries. But he was able to escape the path of the bullets by hiding underneath his seat, one of his relatives told Arab News.

Along with Yusuf, those killed by the gunmen were six members of the Shehata family.

Safwat Shehata, who was not present when the attack occurred, told the independent Egyptian online newspaper Mada Masr that his cousins who were killed in the attack ranged in age from 12 to 55 years old.

“Three men and their children were killed,” Shehata said. “Only my female cousins and two children survived. Four families have been completely destroyed. Snatched away by death.”

Shehata said that his surviving cousins explained to him that the attackers told them: ‘We will kill the men and children and leave you to live the rest of your lives in misery.'”

“The microbus driver tried to flee, but the bus was surrounded by the attackers,” Shehata detailed. “They killed the driver first, shooting him in the head. Then they stopped the bus completely and no one could get away.”

Shehata said that his two female cousins and the two children were injured. Both children were shot and one is suffering from internal bleeding, Shehata detailed.

“We do not fear death,” Shehata was quoted as asserting. “People should be safe. There should be access to communication networks on that road. … Our people tried to seek aid and reach out to someone, but they had no cell service.”

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Source: Christian Post