Lysa TerKeurst Talks About What God Taught Her Amid Her Husband’s Infidelity, Offers Advice to Couples in New Book

Lysa TerKeurst has identified what God has taught her through devastating circumstances, including her husband’s infidelity and a cancer diagnosis, and offered encouragement for Christian couples struggling to restore a broken marriage.

Last year, the best-selling author and president of Proverbs 31 Ministries revealed she would be divorcing her husband of 25 years after learning of his infidelity — a discovery she called the “worst kind of betrayal.” That same year, she announced she’d been diagnosed with breast cancer and would need to undergo a double mastectomy.

Fast forward one year, and TerKeurst is cancer-free, and she and her husband are working to restore their marriage. She told The Christian Post that while the previous season of her life was “excruciatingly painful,” she’s learned that with God, there’s “always a meanwhile.”

“No matter what I’m feeling today, with God, I can say, ‘Meanwhile, God is working good, even if I can’t see it,'” she explained. “Knowing that God exists gives me a purpose in the midst of my pain. That elevates my perspective.”

“We may not see it for a little while, but God is working good there even in the darkest times,” she added. “What you’re feeling is real. The circumstances are hard. The solutions may seem a very mysterious. You’ve got questions, you’ve got pain. But with God, there’s another level, and we’ve got to lift our eyes up and recognize that there’s more than just meets the eye.”

TerKeurst seeks to encourage those struggling with their own deep disappointment or devastation in her new book, It’s Not Supposed to Be This Way: Finding Unexpected Strength When Disappointments Leave You Shattered. In it, she opens up about the hard moments of her family’s story and identifies truths the Lord has shown her along the way.

“I wanted to look at how we can biblically process the disappointments that we all go through,” she said. “We all experience devastations and life-altering events that make God’s timing seemed questionable, His promises doubtful, and then His lack of intervention hurtful. This book was born out of my own wrestling. I think it’s another part of the way that God is going to turn the pain in my life into a beautiful purpose.”

While TerKeurst’s story is one of redemption, she admitted the process has been anything but easy. She told CP that fighting for her marriage has been “so, so hard” and the journey to restoration continues to be long and difficult.

“But it’s one we want to do,” she said. “And we want to give it the necessary time so that trust can be rebuilt, and trust takes an incredible amount of time.”

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Source: Christian Post