Ex-Wife of Pastor David E. Taylor Says He Had Multiple Affairs & Got Her Pregnant Before Marriage

Tabitha Taylor, the ex-wife of controversial Missouri Pastor David E. Taylor of Joshua Media Ministries International claims he engaged in multiple extramarital affairs during their relationship and got her pregnant before they were married.

Speaking out in a recent broadcast on Facebook Live, Tabitha explained that she is coming forward with her story now as a warning to the church against the abusive and manipulative behavior of pastors operating contrary to Scripture.

“We’re teaching people that it’s OK to sin. We’re teaching people that it’s OK to live unrighteously but God is gonna bring judgment to the household of God. He is. He’s gonna judge us if we don’t get it together people of God. We’re preaching in the pulpit and we’re sleeping with our members. We’re preaching in the pulpit and we’re abusing the sheep. We’re preaching in the pulpit and we’re not doing right by the people of God. We’re not walking in love. We’re destroying people’s marriages, we’re destroying people’s homes and God is not pleased …,” she said.

The Christian Post reached out to Joshua Media Ministries International for a response to Tabitha’s claim on Monday but one was not immediately available.

The pastor’s ex-wife said when she joined his then fledgling ministry in the mid-1990s, she was in awe of his spiritual gifts and how God was using him. She said she was so hungry for God and so excited about his ministry she quit the job she was working on the graveyard shift just so she would miss any of the miracles from his ministry.

“I had just gotten saved back in 1995 of June. I was in full-time ministry basically because I had quit my job. And I was so excited about the things of God that I began to go to the services night after night. And I quit my night job so that I could be in the services, that’s how hungry I was for God. I worked the graveyard shift. I worked from 11 at night to 7 in the morning. And I was so hungry for God I didn’t want to miss anything. So I started serving the man of God,” she said.

Soon after she joined the ministry, Tabitha said she had a dream that she was kissing her pastor and shared it with him. In a later telephone conversation she said Taylor told her that God had told him that she liked him.

“Well people of God, the reason I am bring these specific things out is I believe that those in the body of Christ, especially people that are young in the Lord [need to be aware],” she said.

“Before long my ex-husband and I started getting involved. We weren’t married at the time but we got involved with each other. And I’m sharing this once again for people who may be in some situations like this, some situations that they are trying to get out of for people to be forewarned before they get into a situation,” she explained.

Shortly after joining Taylor’s ministry, Tabitha said she became pregnant and got married to him when he told her God told him she should be his wife. In hindsight, she says she now realizes that was a mistake.

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Source: Christian Post