Crowd Sings ‘Amazing Grace’ After Trump Stops Rally in Missouri & Asks for Prayer for Woman Who Fainted

President Donald Trump stepped away from his microphone and remained silent except to urge calm and prayers Monday after a woman fainted at a rally in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. His supporters responded by singing “Amazing Grace” and many are now praising him for the tender moment.

“That’s one of our great people right there. Take your time,” Trump urged as the woman suffering the medical emergency was treated by first responders in an 8-minute¬†video of the moment posted on YouTube.

As they waited to see the outcome of the emergency, some people yelled support for the president as well as “CNN sucks.”

The president kept silent however and remained away from his microphone until a voice from the crowd recommended praying for the woman.

“That’s right, say a little prayer,” Trump urged. And many of those in attendance at the rally could be seen raising their hands in collective prayer.

The president maintained his composure as his supporters continued with various cheers of support. When it appeared as if the emergency was continuing for an extended period, the president assured the doctor that he was willing to wait for however long the woman’s treatment would take.

“Take your time,” he urged.

“We’ve got plenty of time, right?” he added showing clear concern for the woman being treated.

Shortly after that the crowd spontaneously started singing “Amazing Grace.” Seconds later, emergency responders lifted the woman from the ground on a stretcher and removed her from the rally.

“Power is really something. I wanted to just thank everybody for the way you behaved. That was beautiful. At the end was beautiful. ‘Amazing Grace.’ That was beautiful. Hopefully she’ll be OK,” the president said.

The rarely seen softer side of the president has since gone viral on social media and has encouraged many of his supporters.

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Source: Christian Post