Black Conservative Figure Candace Owens Says Political Left Enjoys Mocking God, Tells Liberty University Students to Align Themselves With Christ

Candace Owens of the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA has questioned why many on the left enjoy “making fun of Jesus Christ” and accused some liberals of trying to replace God with the government.

During a recent appearance at Liberty University, the 29-year-old conservative commentator referenced “The View” co-host Joy Behar’s attacks on Vice President Mike Pence’s Christian faith when asking, “Why is it that the left mocks God?”

“It’s a weird thing — there’s a lot of things you can make fun of, but it’s very weird when you start making fun of Jesus Christ,” she said. “Why would they do that?”

Owens, who has advocated for the end of all U.S. welfare programs, argued that the current system is an “interesting study as to why,” as it forces people to rely on the government to resolve their issues.

“My belief is that the left wants to grow government, and it wants government in many ways to replace God in people’s lives,” she said. “It wants people to turn to government for every solution.”

The only way to reverse this, Owens contended, is if America’s leaders align themselves with God’s Word.

“Every single person in here, I believe, has had a series of experiences that are prompting them to do something great in this world,” Owens declared. “At the moment that you believe in yourself, at the moment that you get back to your center, that you align yourself … with God, the universe will open itself up to you. It certainly did for me.”

Between Planned Parenthood’s continued murder of millions of babies, rampant feminism, and the damaging effects of the welfare system, it’s clear there’s a “cultural war” happening, she added.

“Every single one of you can do something about it and participate in some regard,” she told attendees. “I believe in you. You can do it without government handouts. You can do it based off of good ideas. You can do it based off of hard work. You can do it with Jesus Christ.”

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Source: Christian Post