Apologetics Student Group Sues University of Colorado for Denying Them Official Status for Requiring Members Be Christian

Christian students who have tried for three years to get official status for their campus apologetics group at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs have filed a lawsuit claiming their religious freedom rights have been violated.

UCCS’ chapter of the Ratio Christi apologetics alliance filed a lawsuit in federal court on Wednesday accusing the university administration of violating the free exercise clause of the First Amendment by refusing to grant the group recognition because the group requires that members and leaders share the organization’s Christian beliefs.

The group allows students of any and no faiths to attend their events and any student can become a member of Ratio Christi so long as they support the organization’s purpose and beliefs, according to Alliance Defending Freedom, the nonprofit legal group representing the student group.

According to the law group, the university’s Ratio Christi has even had some Hindus and atheists attend their meeting to learn more about Christ.

The lawsuit argues that the school’s student organization policies and practices are “neither neutral nor generally applicable because they represent a system of individualized assessment.”

It adds that the policies and practices are unfair because they “grant university officials unbridled discretion when evaluating requests from student organization for ‘registered’ or ‘recognized’ status (and the accompanying resources), and thus, they establish a system of individualized assessments.”

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Source: Christian Post