“365 Days of Thanking God,” by Daniella Whyte Encourages Gratitude Beyond Thanksgiving

Every year in November, the collective thoughts of millions turn toward thanksgiving and gratitude. While it’s great that this time of year prompts so many to express thankfulness for their blessings, Daniella Whyte believes this mentality should be encouraged every day of the year.

In her devotional book, 365 Days of Thanking God: Cultivating a Heart of Thanksgiving Every Day, Daniella Whyte challenges readers to “cultivate a heart of thankfulness to God and to the people He has placed in your life.”

Whyte writes, “This book is not about the holiday called Thanksgiving. It is not about how to celebrate Thanksgiving. This book is a challenge to you to cultivate a heart of thankfulness to God and to the people He has placed in your life 365 days of the year. Thankfulness is not about keeping tradition. It is a matter of the heart. It should be an everyday occurrence. It should be a habit; it should be a way of life. It may seem as though it is small or insignificant to you, but it means a lot to God and to others. I pray that this book will encourage you and challenge you to be thankful for everything.”

365 Days of Thanking God is available on Amazon Kindle for $2.99.

Daniella Whyte is a bestselling author, writer, and blogger. She holds degrees in Human Services, Psychology, and Religion from Liberty University. Her main mission in life is to tell everyone she can about the grace and love of God and to help everyone she can be all they can be for God’s glory. Her favorite verse is Matthew 6:33. She is also the author of other gratitude-focused books, Gratitude Is…: A Wonderful Way to Live and Enjoy Life and Thanks and Yes: 365 Days of Coffee Drinking and Grateful Living.