Wife of Harvest Church International’s Lead Pastor Michael E. Turpin Says He’s Mentally Unstable; He Accuses Her of Adultery

Bishop Michael E. Turpin, senior pastor of Harvest Church International in Jamaica, New York, who also serves on the executive board of the Pilgrim Assemblies International Inc., claims his wife, Janelka, has been involved in an adulterous affair with one of his spiritual “sons” after she allegedly had him arrested and institutionalized briefly at a mental hospital.

Neither officials from Harvest Church International or Pilgrim Assemblies International, Inc. immediately responded to requests for comment on the public dispute between the pastor and his wife on Tuesday.

In her only public comment on the situation on Friday, Janelka said in a Facebook post that she has been struggling to help her husband for a while.

“You are now seeing what I have gone through privately for years now publicly. I have spoken to those I believe that can help my husband. I have been seeking help for a while now and the system has failed me. Please I can’t answer every call. Please pray for me and my children. This is not a game or a show!!” the mother of five wrote.

The couple, who have been married since 2002, have been in ministry together since April 2005.

In a video recorded on Oct. 3, and posted on YouTube on Saturday, Pastor Turpin accused his wife of having an affair with a spiritual son he named as Michael Young.

“Michael Young, you are going down. My wife is having an adulterous affair with my agitant, former son, Michael Young, who is the husband of Alika Thompson Young (phonetic spelling),” Turpin said.

The senior pastor who admits to taking Adderall and seeing a psychiatrist, insisted that he’s mentally sound and has been struggling with his wife’s infidelity for a while now.

“What’s wrong with me? Nothing is wrong with me,” Turpin declared in the video. “I’ve gone through hell and back. Nothing is wrong with me. I am mentally sound. I have my faculties.”

Turpin alleges that his wife fabricated a story of physical abuse about him and reported him to the police.

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Source: Christian Post