Ron Edmondson: 25 People You Should Say Thank You to Today

Thankfulness is a virtue we often ignore.

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own little world we forget to say thank you to people who have helped us the most. Then there are people who simply need thanking to help them feel better about their own situation.

Everyone likes to be appreciated.

I thought I would use my platform to encourage a little thankfulness.

Here are 25 people you could easily say thank you to today:

A family member who holds the family together.

The parent who paved your way.

The person who gave you a start in your career.

Someone who encourages you that you only know online.

A random stranger God lays on your heart.

An often unnoticed but vital part of society—such as the custodian, street worker, truck driver or garbage collector.

A friend who was there when you needed one most.

A pastor who helped shape your understanding of God.

The person you know who prays for youregularly.

The person who waits on you every day—somewhere—and you may not even know their name.

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Source: Church Leaders