New Senior Pastor of Mariners Church, Eric Geiger, Stresses Importance of Accountability to Prevent Pastor Scandals

The new senior pastor for the California-based megachurch Mariners Church has stressed the importance of accountability, in light of recent scandals elsewhere in the evangelical world.

During the summer it was announced that Eric Geiger, senior vice president of LifeWay Christian Resources, was going to become the new senior pastor of Mariners Church of Irvine, California.

Geiger took the helm of the megachurch, which averages between 9,000 – 10,000 worship attendees every weekend, in September, replacing the retiring Kenton Beshore, who had led the congregation for nearly 35 years.

Geiger is becoming senior pastor at Mariners at a time when many institutions, secular and religious, are seeing abuse scandals make national headlines.

For example, recently allegations of sexual misconduct have surfaced against Willow Creek Community Church founder and newly retired senior pastor Bill Hybels.

In an interview with The Christian Post on Thursday, Geiger explained that Mariners has a group of elders that he is accountable to, who he meets with on a monthly basis. It is a system that was in place while his predecessor was heading the congregation.

“When I first was interviewing here, that’s one of the questions I asked. What am I evaluated on? What are those elders going to be stepping into in my life, and what’s a win here? What’s that look like? Really, a big portion of that is health of my marriage, the health of my walk with Christ,” noted Geiger.

“Am I growing, am I maturing in my faith, am I a man of integrity? So those structures in place that really serve Kenton as the pastor of over 35 years, served him really well. You and I know that people can work around structures and they can look people in the eyes and lie to them, but there are structures in place at Mariners that are designed to care for the heart of the leader.”

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Source: Christian Post