Ministry Says the Rebirth of Jerusalem-Based Christianity Will Be Greater Than the Protestant Reformation

The Christian ministry behind the Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem has prophesied that an event “greater than the Protestant Reformation” is coming to the land of Jesus’ birth.

Eagles’ Wings Ministries, which put together the annual prayer in Israel’s capital on Sunday, expressed its gratitude to the nation of Israel for “allowing Christians to be Christians.”

The Rev. Robert Stearns, founder and executive director of Eagles’ Wings Ministries, said Christians around the world need to “raise [their] voice for sake of Zion.”

“We are calling Christians not just to connect with the land of the Bible, but to be a part of its future,” he added, according to Breaking Israel News.

Speaking at the prayer event, Stearns told the Jewish people: “Today, from the nations, we come home to Jerusalem. We will never leave you again. We will never forget you. We will prioritize you daily, defenders of Jerusalem. We, your sons from afar have come home to marry Jerusalem.”

What is more, he prophesied that “we will witness a great reformation in the Church — the rebirth of Jerusalem-based Christianity.”

“It will be greater than the impact of the Protestant Reformation,” he added.

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Source: Christian Post