Here We Go: Drag Queen Story Time Event at Louisiana Library Postponed Amid Fear of Protests & Limited Security

A Drag Queen Story Time event that was scheduled to be held in Lafayette, Louisiana, on Saturday has been postponed due to expected protests.

Administrators at South Louisiana Community College have announced that they can no longer host Drag Queen Story Time, an event sweeping through libraries worldwide in which men dressed up as women read stories to young impressionable children.

Lafayette’s Drag Queen Story Time was originally to be held at the town’s public library. But after a lawsuit was filed by two religious organizations and petitions were filed, the event was moved from the city’s public library to South Louisiana Community College.

The event was to be run by members of the LGBT fraternity Delta Lambda Phi in conjunction with the library.

But since various groups such as Warriors for Christ, TFP Student Action and Citizens for a New Louisiana have called on their supporters to protest the event, officials at the college determined that the campus has too limited of a security force to be able to accommodate the large number of protestors.

“With the loss of the host site, the library is forced to postpone the program until a new venue can be secured. While this is a temporary setback, the Lafayette Public Library confirms that it is not permanently canceling the program,” a statement from the library reads. “The library administration and its Board of Control firmly believe in carrying out its mission to serve a diverse community. In addition, many families have stood in support of this program which promotes respect and inclusiveness.”

The Drag Queen Story Time in Lafayette will likely be postponed until 2019, reports KFWY.

“It’s not over. This battle is not over,” Michael Lunsford, the head of Citizens for a New Louisiana, told The Christian Post. “Just because they postponed it doesn’t mean we are going to lay off.”

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Source: Christian Post