Billy Graham’s Grandson, Will, Reveals What Caused Him to ‘Fall in Love’ With the Bible

Will Graham, grandson of the late Billy Graham, has shared how he “fell in love” with the Bible while studying at Liberty University and reflected on how his time at the college influenced his ministry career.

Speaking to The Christian Post, Graham, who serves as the executive director of the Billy Graham Training Center at The Cove and vice president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said his time at the private college in Lynchburg, Virginia, was “very instrumental” in shaping who he is today.

“When I got there, I knew a lot about the people because I was so rooted in church, and I had a mom and dad who read me the Bible,” he said. “But when I came to Liberty, I actually fell in love with the Bible. I just developed this love for the Bible and I soaked it up.”

The 43-year-old Graham, whose father is famed evangelist Franklin Graham, said that even today, he draws upon the tools and techniques he learned at Liberty when crafting his sermons.

“I had one professor who taught me how to organize my Bible study so I could learn how to teach myself God’s Word,” he recalled. “His name was Paul Fink. Paul has now passed away, but he was very influential in my life and shaping how I studied the Bible and how I make my sermons today.”

“Liberty was very instrumental in shaping how I do ministry today,” he added.

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Source: Christian Post