American Academy of Family Physicians Takes ‘Neutral’ Stance on Doctor-Assisted Suicide

The American Academy of Family Physicians is now taking a “neutral” stance on assisted suicide.

Last week, the AAFP announced it was foramlly adopting a position of “engaged neutrality” on for physician-assisted suicide — or what it is now calling “medical aid in dying.”

“Changing our position to engaged neutrality shows that our members can respectfully disagree about medical aid in dying, but still agree about our role in supporting our patients no matter what care they choose at the end of life,” said Dr. Julia Sokoloff, a member of the Washington Academy of Family Physicians, who introduced the resolution.

Such respectful disagreement about the ethics of assisted suicide marks a shift in the American medical community. Leading medical associations continue to regard the practice at odds with the hippocratic oath and many have long warned that allowing the practice will lead to abuse of vulnerable people like the sick and the elderly.

The AAFP also stated that it would back laws “that protect physicians from criminal prosecution for assisting terminally ill patients in ‘ending their suffering’ in states where such actions are permitted,” according to MedPage Today.

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Source: Christian Post