Why Doomsday Prepper Billionaires Like Peter Thiel Are Building Huge Underground Survival Bunkers in New Zealand in Case of the Apocalypse

At least seven Silicon Valley billionaires preparing for apocalyptic events have installed survival bunkers in New Zealand over the past two years.

Fearing nuclear war, pandemics or violent social unrest targeting the rich, the tech entrepreneurs have constructed elaborate contingency plans to flee the US.

The 150-tonne bunkers, which cost up to $11.5million and are buried four metres underground, are made by Texas bunker manufacturer Rising S Company.

Rising S Co. General Manager Gary Lynch said New Zealand was the ideal destination for survivalists and doomsday preppers.

‘New Zealand is an enemy of no one. It’s not a nuclear target. It’s not a target for war. It’s a place where people seek refuge,’ he told Bloomberg.

The two most recent 92sqm survival bunkers to be sent to New Zealand were transported from the US on 19 trailers each after being broken into sections.

One was installed in the rugged Northland region after landing in Auckland, while the other was taken to a mystery location on the west coast of the South Island.

Former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said his country has become known as a safe and remote location for rich Americans to escape to in the event of a major disaster.

‘I’ve had a lot of people say to me that they would like to own a property in New Zealand if the world goes to hell in a handbasket,’ Mr Key said.

New Zealand’s doomsday reputation has attracted billionaires such as PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, who bought two properties, one equipped with a panic room.

A geographically isolated stable democracy with a thriving start-up scene, the country has become known in tech circles as an Armageddon escape destination.

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Source: Daily Mail