Pro-Wrestler Sting Talks With Pastor Ed Young About His Faith Journey

Former professional wrestler and World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Famer Sting spoke with Texas megachurch pastor Ed Young about his faith journey, explaining that Christians must give God more than just “lip service.”

Sting, whose real name is Steve Borden, spoke with Young at a worship service on Sunday at Fellowship Church, a multisite congregation based in Grapevine, Texas.

Borden told Young that while throughout his career he always believed in God, he was not always religious. At one point, he recalled praying to God and saying that if he was successful, then he promised to be charitable.

Explaining that success in the pro-wresting business had “a lot of good, bad, and ugly” to it, Borden noted that he made poor personal decisions while successful, warning that he did not “have an anchor in my life.”

“I made a lot of bad choices that led to a lot of severe consequences,” recalled Borden. “I was addicted to painkillers and muscle-relaxers. I was drinking alcohol.”

“I had lied to my now ex-wife for years about what I was doing on the road as far as adultery and women. So I had lots of skeletons in the closet and I found myself with no ability to fix it all.”

Borden noted that he realized that when it came to fixing his life, he could not just give God “lip service,” but rather he needed “something supernatural.”

“Because there’s no amount of money, no drug, no woman, no man, no doctor, no nothing that’s going to be able to get me out of this deep dark despair,” continued Borden.

“God, from this day forward, I will live my life for You. You must come and fix me, come and live inside of me. No more lip service, show me how to live, how to be a Christian, how to be a man.”

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Source: Christian Post