Julie Chen Uses Her Husband Les Moonves’ Name as She Returns to Host Big Brother – the First Time She’s Appeared on TV Since He Was Ousted From CBS Over Sexual Misconduct Claims

Julie Chen has returned to TV for the first time since her husband Les Moonves resigned as CEO of CBS after he was accused of sexual misconduct.

Chen, 48, hosted ‘Big Brother’ on Thursday night and backed her spouse by using his name when she signed off.

‘From outside the ‘Big Brother’ house, I’m Julie Chen Moonves. Good night,’ she said.

She didn’t mention any of the claims against or husband or address why she has been off screen.

It was the first time viewers have seen her since the scandal unfolded over the weekend.

She chose not to fill her regular spot as a panelist on The Talk this week in the aftermath of his departure.

Instead, she went for a solo gig that included a double eviction.

‘Julie Chen Moonves’ opened the Thursday episode with a recap of what had happened in previous weeks and boasted about the double eviction that was set for the episode.

She also posted a photo on Twitter of her holding a ‘Big Brother’ reading card to tease her appearance on the episode.

In a second post, she uploaded a photo of her  ‘Big Brother’ TV desk.

Chen, 48, did not directly address any of the controversy surrounding her husband or his departure from CBS as chairman and CEO.

Back in July, Chen came out and immediately supported her husband when the first allegations about sexual misconduct arose.

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Source: Daily Mail