Here We Go: Congregants Leave British Church That Becomes LGBT Inclusive After 14-Y-O Lesbian Girl’s Suicide

An Anglican church in the U.K. has transformed itself to become LGBT inclusive following the suicide of a 14-year-old girl who feared the church would not accept her.

The church, St. James and Emmanuel in Didsbury, has been honoring the memory of Lizzie Lowe, the teenager who killed herself in 2014 over fears she wouldn’t be accepted, by taking part in gay pride events and declaring that it welcomes all and accepts same-sex relationships.

This transformation has angered some parishioners, however, with 25 members so far having left in protest, Manchester Evening News reported.

Leaders at the church said that they received messages telling them that they will “go to Hell” for their decision.

Lowe had shared with her friends that she feared that as a lesbian, the church and her own parents would not accept her, according to BBC Inside Out North West.

The parents, Kevin and Hilary Lowe, insist that they would have accepted their daughter regardless, and wish she had confided in them.

“I can’t imagine the pain and anguish that Lizzie was going through. And it pains us to know she was going through that alone,” the father said.

“Lizzie’s sexuality wouldn’t have changed anything about the way we feel about Liz. She was precious to us. And we just wanted her to be happy.”

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Source: Christian Post