Bode Miller’s Wife Posts Heartbreaking Photo of Her Kids First Day Back at School Without 19-Month-Old Emeline Following Her Shock Drowning, Says ‘I Just See a Giant Hole’

Bode Miller’s wife said in a heartbreaking Instagram post that her family is usually excited about the first day of school, but this year there is a ‘giant hole’ after her baby daughter died in an accidental drowning.

Morgan Beck took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a photo from last September of her children getting ready to head out for their first day of school. In the picture, Beck and her husband Bode Miller’s late daughter Emeline Grier is sitting on the ground in front of her siblings as they smile for the camera.

In a second picture, snapped on Tuesday, the couple’s three-year-old son Nash is seen crying as the picture was taken. Beck and Miller’s other two children, 10-year-old Neesyn and five-year-old Samuel, stand in the background.

Beck said all she could focus on in the second picture is her young son’s face and the ‘giant hole’ where her daughter was sitting last year.

‘Yesterday was the first day of school for our kids. It’s a day we always look forward to with excitement. But all I can see is Nash’s face and the giant hole that was created between last year’s picture and this year’s picture. I can imagine that’s what my face looked like, too, stepping back into our routine without our daughter. I imagine daily how different my life would be today had I had 30 more seconds,’ the professional beach volleyball player wrote.

‘This heartache doesn’t need to belong to any other parents,’ Beck added, encouraging others to help them bring awareness to accidental drowning.

Miller, an Olympic skier, and Beck’s daughter Emeline died on June 10 after wandering out the backdoor undetected of their neighbor’s Orange County, California home and slipping into the backyard. The 19-month-old girl was found floating in the neighbor’s pool.

In an emotional Instagram post last month, Beck shared a picture of her daughter hooked up to oxygen, writing in the caption that she wishes she had one more day with her baby girl.

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Source: Daily Mail