8 Killed, Thousands Flee in Boko Haram Attack on Nigerian Town

Islamic terror group Boko Haram has risen again, killing several people and forcing thousands to flee the Nigerian town of Gudumbali.

The AFP has reported that the attack on the town in northeast Nigeria on Saturday ended with at least eight civilians dead and thousands of others fleeing to neighboring towns.

The capture of Gudumbali, in the Guzamala area of Borno state, is believed to be the terror group’s first major victory in two years of reported losses at the hands of army troops.

Yan St-Pierre, head of the Modern Security Consulting Group, said that the terror group’s attack of Gudumbali shows its increasing capabilities and strength.

“They’ve been able in recent months to attack larger, more important targets with increasing frequency and success,” the counter-terrorism specialist said.

“It is likely to get worse because ISWAP is not only adapting to changing circumstances but benefiting from the changing dynamics in the Sahel as well,” he added, using an alternative name for the group.

Boko Haram’s insurgency has been going on since 2009, with government buildings, churches, and entire towns and villages bombed.

Christians, Muslims, and other civilians have been slaughtered, with the terror group gaining infamy for its kidnapping of schoolgirls and use of children as suicide bombers in Nigeria and neighboring countries.

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Source: Christian Post