John Stonestreet: Why Trump’s Religious Freedom Task Force Is So Important

After the first-ever Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom, the administration has now announced a Religious Freedom Task Force. Here’s why that’s important.

At the end of July, the State Department hosted a long-overdue “Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom,” and brought together 350 government officials and activists from 80 countries.

It was a remarkable three-day gathering, one that Christians and all people of faith should affirm. But actions, not words, will determine whether this event makes a lasting difference in the lives of the persecuted.

In his remarks at the Ministerial, Vice-President Mike Pence said “America will always stand for religious freedom, and we will always speak out boldly wherever and whenever it’s threatened.”

He then announced the creation of an “International Religious Freedom Fund” to support those “who fight for religious freedom and suffer from religious persecution.”

The Ministerial also produced a statement of principles, “The Potomac Declaration.” The statement asserts that “freedom to seek the divine and act accordingly . . . is at the heart of the human experience.”

“Given the contribution,” the statement continues, “of individual and communal religious belief and expression” to the “flourishing of societies throughout human history,” religious freedom “is a far-reaching, universal, and profound human right that all peoples and nations of goodwill must defend around the globe.”

These are powerful words, and 100-percent spot on.

But given what happened shortly after the Ministerial, I wonder if any of the progressive media was listening.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced last week the formation of a new task force on religious liberty. And as proof that people of faith need their constitutional rights protected here at home, Sessions cited the previous administration’s onerous HHS Mandate, which forced Catholic nuns, of all people, to insure contraceptives, and also the recent grilling of a Catholic judicial at the hands of Senatorial inquisitors.

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Source: Christian Post