New Children’s Book Helps Kids Learn About Sin, Salvation, and Eternity With Jesus

Author Lee Ann Mancini is gearing up to release another book for her award-winning Adventures of the Sea Kids book series, titled Forever With Jesus, which will help children understand “sin, death, salvation, and eternity with Jesus.”

“It has always been difficult to find resources that help families and leaders talk about experiencing a death in their lives. This is a resource that will help you through the experience in a gentle and loving way,” Ryan Frank, CEO/Publisher of KidzMatter, said in a statement shared with The Christian Post. “This is one series that every church and family should add to their libraries, impacting kids and leading them into solid relationships with Jesus!”

“In an ever-increasing sinful world, children are fearful of many things, especially death. Death is an aspect of life that is inevitable and painful, especially for a young child. Children need to learn that when they have love and faith in Jesus they will live forever with Jesus in paradise, and there will be no fear of death for those who believe.”

In Forever With Jesus, the sea kids will learn some of the most important facts of Christianity including Jesus died for their sins, and a belief in Him will give them access to live in Heaven forever.

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Source: Christian Post