Hymn Writers the Gettys Share What Churches Can Do in a World Where ‘Meaningful Discourse’ Is Almost Dead

World-renowned contemporary hymn writers The Gettys recently released their live album Sing!: Live at the Getty Music Worship Conference. As they gear up for their next major conference, Keith Getty shared the congregational practice he believes churches can do to bring people together in these divisive times.

The Gettys’ hit song “In Christ Alone” is sung by more than 100 million people worldwide every year, and now with “The Sing! Conference,” which was first launched last year in correlation with the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Keith and Kristyn Getty’s hope is to propel churches toward a “deeper, more dynamic” experience of congregational singing. The new album features new songs, timeless classics and special guest collaborators which all wish to unite the church irrespective of the times we live in.

Below is an edited transcript in which Keith Getty tells The Christian Post why he believes the church coming together in song can greatly impact the current cultural climate where suicide is at an all-time high and social and political civility is at an all-time low.

Christian Post: Your mission has been to see congregational worship in the churches of the world. Can you speak to the power of worship in bringing all people together?

Getty: The very act of congregational worship is a symbol of unity. At a theological level, we are looking forward to the picture of Heaven where every tribe, tongue, nation, and language will sing before their Maker. Here on earth, we have a microcosm of that experience in our congregational worship.

At a very practical level though it is actually on a Sunday morning, reminding each other, encouraging one another, empowering one another by singing to one another. It’s not simply because I feel like I must sing, it’s also the horizontal dimension which is significant. We are also a witness and leader to our own families and indeed even a witness to the outsider in the church, whatever the state of their spiritual minds.

CP: Unity is always a popular topic in the Christian community and it’s a central theme in your new album. Can you speak to the impact unity can have on the world in its current state when watching the news here in America sometimes seems to display so much divisiveness and social unrest?

Getty: I really can’t. I’ve no expertise on such issues. I can say this though: in the society you have so accurately described, where emotional breakdown and suicide are at record highs, where family breakdown and confusion have left whole cultures crippled, where even common decency, whether a form of cordial manners to neighbors or the ability to have meaningful discourse on social or political issues with each other in person or online has all but died, and where our political leaders, celebrities or media are such pathetic examples, surely what could be more beautiful than Gods people singing together? What could be more inviting than the joy of a community singing with joy and love to one another?

What could be more radical than singing breaking down generational, socio-economic, and political ideology barriers for the sheer delight of singing to one another about how much greater Christ is. And in a society so contrived, what is more authentic than people pouring all their passion into singing to the Lord because of what Christ has done through the Cross and resurrection?

That’s unity worth striving for.

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Source: Christian Post