Here We Go: Maine Allows Third Gender ‘X’ for Non-Binary Persons on Driver’s Licenses & IDs Documents

Maine is joining the list of states now allowing a third gender option for persons identifying as non-binary on their driver’s licenses and identification documents.

In June of last year a resident of South Portland, Ian-Meredythe Dehne Lindsey, filed a complaint with the state Human Rights Commission, desiring a driver’s license with a non-binary gender marker but was unable to obtain one due to computer limitation, the Portland Press Herald reported. An agreement with the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles was reached this week.

As can now be done in a few other states, individuals who say that their gender identity does not fit into the traditional male/female category and prefer to go by “gender non-binary,” will be designated as “X.” Starting Monday, Maine residents can apply for a sticker that reads “Gender has been changed to X – non-binary.”

“Having the sticker validates my existence,” Dehne Lindsey, who asks to be addressed using the plural pronouns “they” and “them,” said Monday.

“It was extremely important for me and for non-binary individuals in general. It shows that we’re human beings and worthy of being recognized.”

Dehne Lindsey further recounted that “I would pick ‘female’ and just die a little bit inside.”

“I would spend 15 to 20 minutes agonizing over it.”

Those stickers are a stop-gap measure; next summer the state government’s systems will be upgraded such that “M,” “F,” or “X” will be printed directly on driver’s licenses and state-issued ID cards.

The action is among the latest moves around the country enshrining “gender identity” into the law.

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Source: Christian Post