David Platt Says International Mission Board Is Open for Business

International Mission Board President David Platt declared the IMB “open for business” in his report to messengers at the SBC annual meeting in Dallas June 13.

“By the grace of God and through the generous support of Southern Baptist churches, the IMB is positioned on strong biblical foundations, and we are standing on firm financial ground,” Platt said. “Our giving is up through both the Cooperative Program and Lottie Moon. And our sending is up. Lord willing, we will send more missionaries this year than we have in years.”

More than a president

In February, Platt asked IMB trustees to begin the search for his successor. He is leaving the IMB to begin a pastoral ministry in Washington, D.C. Although a search committee is “working hard,” the IMB is not about the president, Platt said.

“The IMB is about a coalition of over 47,000 churches working together to support thousands of anonymous missionaries whose names and places where they work can’t even be mentioned in public because they are spreading the Gospel at great risk to their lives. They are the IMB, and I want to report to you on what they are doing,” Platt said.

Good news from around the globe

Platt shared a number of twitter-length reports from IMB missionaries serving around the world, including:

— A Muslim people group is hearing the Gospel for the first time in one of the largest slums in Sub-Saharan Africa.

— Thousands of Iranian and Afghan refugees are coming to know Christ across Europe.

— One church in a European city started four new churches in the last year. When six people were recently baptized, two were European, one was Chinese, and the other three were Iranian.

— A Yezidi refugee who was fleeing ISIS came to Christ and was baptized.

— Refugees are coming to Christ, becoming disciple-makers, and returning to their war-torn homeland to rebuild the foundations of their lives and communities on the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

— Last week, IMB missionaries shared the Gospel alongside local partners with more than 1,100 Muslims in three days.

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Source: Baptist Press