Barna Study Says 30 Percent of Christians Have Used Social Media to Evangelize

Nearly three in 10 Christians have shared their faith with non-believing friends and acquaintances on social media, according to a report by the Barna Group.

As part of a new report released with Lutheran Hour Ministries, Barna surveyed American adults to gauge how they discuss faith online.

Their research found that 28 percent of Christian respondents reported sharing their faith with nonbelievers on social media, as well as 58 percent of non-Christian respondents reporting that someone shared their faith with them on social media.

“Through posts, comments and profiles, many Christians believe that technology and digital interactions have made evangelism easier,” noted Barna in a statement released Tuesday.

“Still, spiritual conversations are fraught in a digital age, and younger generations are among the most cautious about engaging.”

Data for the report was drawn from a sample of 1,714 adults in the United States, conducted online between June 22–July 13, 2017, with a margin of error of plus or minus 2.2 percent.

Other findings from the report included 30 percent of Christian respondents saying that they’re equally likely to share their faith online or in-person, 44 percent saying that technology has changed how they share their faith, and 88 percent saying they share their faith online through personal posts.

The Barna report results released Tuesday were part of a 96-page report titled “Spiritual Conversations in the Digital Age.

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Source: Christian Post

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