Actress Sam Sorbo on Evolution, Education and More

Actress Sam Sorbo is on a mission to help improve education, telling’s “Pure Talk” that she is deeply concerned about the state of schooling in America.

Sorbo, who is a passionate homeschool mom and the wife of “Hercules” actor Kevin Sorbo, made it clear that she believes education is one of the most essential issues of the day.

“Education colors your worldview … and it colors the way you approach every problem,” she said. “Education is literally foundational.”

Sorbo warned that she believes schools are teaching kids that “life doesn’t matter,” that it is “just a series of accidents” and that evolution is true.

“We’re teaching children lies and then we wonder [why] they act out,” she said.

Sorbo added that she’s a strong advocate for home education, as she has homeschooled her own kids and believes in the power of parents controlling what their children learn.

The actress and author also went on to discuss the importance of marriage, explaining how she and her husband have built a strong and long-lasting union despite working in such a challenging industry.

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Source: Christian Post