Parenting — Help! My Millennial Needs Help to Build Real Confidence by Danita Bye

Many pundits accuse the millennial generation of being overconfident. Even millennial leaders are bothered by this tendency of their own generation. Over 50 percent of respondents in our Millennial Survey indicated that they get frustrated with this know-it-all stance.

Is it possible that this is only an external façade based on Google or YouTube knowledge, versus the kind of insight and discernment that helps us weather the inevitable storms of today’s workplace and the shifting cultural chaos?

If we were to look at their social media accounts, we would see most millennials portray exciting and successful lives. However, this is rarely a true reflection of the full spectrum of what is going on in an up-and-coming leader’s life. This socially accepted practice has pitfalls. Comparing their own lives to the social media accounts of others can leave many young people feeling inferior and depressed. It’s only when their confidence stems from a solid foundation that they will develop faith in their core purpose and understand how they can use their unique skills and talents to accomplish that purpose.

Our roles as parents, mentors, and coaches is to nurture a high appreciation for the work they do. They become confident contributors when their work is aligned with their unique wiring and calling. I’m always encouraged when I read the great advice in Colossians 3:23 (TEV) “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as though you were working for the Lord and not for people.”

How to Help Your Millennial Develop Authentic Confidence

Fight the Instant Gratification Syndrome

Some millennials have difficulty connecting what they’re doing today with what they want to be doing in the future. They want to see results right now.

Possible reaction: Your millennial will become disheartened, and their confidence will be shaken if they are unable to connect their “now” with their future. It’s under these circumstances that many young people think the best solution is to find another job or project.

Practical Tip: The YouTube video, “Work as Worship,” by RightNow Media is a great summary of the struggle between what is regarded as work and what has spiritual meaning. This resource helps millennials as they seek out the purpose of their own lives and understand how they can be a light in their current work environment. I highly recommend watching this video with your millennial. It will likely spark a great discussion. When we shift our minds to see our work as important, everything changes. Encourage your millennial to embrace positive internal messages such as these:

“I choose to view the work I do now as important.”

“I choose to start making a difference today and not wait until the perfect job comes along.”

Conquer the Misalignment between Meaning and Purpose

Millennials want to have meaning and purpose at work, but they don’t see how their gifts and talents align with the feeling of purpose.

Possible reaction: When up-and-coming leaders are not operating in their sweet spot, they feel they’re not getting anywhere. This affects their confidence, which in turn has a negative impact on productivity and engagement. We all feel it, but millennials seem to have a particularly hard time recognizing this frustration.

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Source: Christian Post