Eric Metaxas Says Sacred-Secular Divide Is From ‘the Pit of Hell’

Conservative Christian radio host and best-selling author Eric Metaxas called out Christians who feel they don’t need to share Christ with others just because they are not leaders in the Church.

Addressing hundreds gathered for the Colson Center’s 2018 Wilberforce Weekend conference, the 55-year-old nationally syndicated radio host warned against the idea that some lay Christians have that they can separate their secular work lives with the Lord’s call for them to share with the world the hope Christ.

“The Lord created each one of us to serve Him and live for Him in every atom of our being, no matter what you are doing,” Metaxas said on Friday. “Any time anyone has an attitude like, ‘That’s ministry and I am just a business guy, and I can live in a big house, and have boats and stuff because I am not in ministry, but the pastor shouldn’t have that,’ I come here to tell you there is something fundamentally wrong with that concept.”

Metaxas stated that for Christians, there are two options: “Either you are sold out to Jesus and live your life in His glory with how you spend your money and your time” or “you don’t.”

While some might think as long as they attend church and maybe even join a church committee that they can leave their faith at home when they go out into the secular world, Metaxas stressed that “no one escapes [the fact] that every square inch of creation belongs to Him.”

“For us to put ourselves in some religious quarter, is to participate in our own marginalization,” Metaxas argued. “It is kind of like saying, ‘I agree that we should only have freedom of worship. We go into that little weird building on Sunday morning and do our our little weird rituals and we come out and we bow before the secular authority of the state and the culture.'”

“That is out of the pit of Hell,” he continued. “Many Christians participate in that — many Christians that I am friends with, I’m sure some Christians in this room. I have been in churches where that is a big part of what is going on. That is wrong. ”

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Source: Christian Post