Bible Answer Man Says Abortion & Homosexuality Are Leading to Decline in Christianity as Muslim Population Grows

“Bible Answer Man” Hank Hanegraaff has said that there are two main reasons why Islam will soon eclipse Christianity as the world’s dominant religion, and accused post-Christian cultures of playing a part in that development by embracing abortion and other practices.

Hanegraaff answered a question about the growth of Islam from a radio listener on Saturday by pointing out that while Christianity is still the world’s largest religion, it’s “in decline in terms of numbers.

“The reason for that is if you go to many previously Christian cultures, you’ll find that the native populations are self-aborting. Birth control, abortions, euthanasia, same-sex sexuality, gender fluidity, transgenderism, all of these are core values that have replaced the Christian ethnic, and are leading to a rapid decline in the native population,” he argued.

Islam is seeing the “exact opposite” happen, he positioned.

“In Islam, you have polygamy, where a Muslim can marry up to four women, and many more than that because it is easy to get a divorce. Having that many wives, you can have many children as well, and you can grow demographically,” he added, warning that cultures that become Islamic demographically will also become Islamic politically.

The second major reason for the demographics change he identified as persecution Christians face in the world, sometimes in the form of genocide.

Hanegraaff argued that Islam is “advancing by the sword.”

“You take over other cultures, and therefore you grow and advance, because many of those cultures you take over, their populace ends up becoming Islamic,” he noted of how some hardline groups grow.

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Source: Christian Post