Attorney Who Represented Christian Baker in Supreme Court Case Says Christians Are Called to Be Confrontational

An attorney who represented Colorado baker Jack Phillips before the United States Supreme Court has stated that she believes that being confrontational is part of the Christian calling.

Kristen Waggoner, attorney with the Alliance Defending Freedom, gave arguments before the high court on behalf of Phillips, who refused for religious reasons to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

In a speech at the Wilberforce Weekend conference on Saturday, Waggoner explained that while not everyone in the audience was “called to engage a hostile CNN anchor or to argue in a court of law,” she still believed that “confrontation is a part of every Christian’s calling.”

“As the Apostle Paul wrote to the Church of Corinth, ‘Christians are called to be ambassadors,’ and to be an ambassador means we do more than silently observe or assimilate to the culture around us,” said Waggoner.

“It also means that our duel citizenship is not an excuse to settle in and do nothing. No, it is to fulfill the great and cultural commissions. We must actively advocate for eternal principles. Which means, we’re advocating for the common good.”

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Source: Christian Post