Andy Stanley Made Valid Points, but Shouldn’t Have Trashed the Old Testament by Chelsen Vicari

Andy Stanley is back in the religion headlines. This time for suggesting Christians “unhitch” the Old Testament from their faith, as reported by the Christian Post‘s Michael Gryboski.

Stanley’s provocative comments came during an April sermon series titled “Aftermath,” which is mostly a plea to people who’ve rejected the faith to reconsider. The sermon videos are posted online along with the following summary:

If you were raised on a version of Christianity that relied on the Bible as the foundation of faith, a version that was eventually dismantled by academia or the realities of life, maybe it’s time for you to change your mind about Jesus. Maybe it’s time for you to consider the version of Christianity that relies on the event of the resurrection of Jesus as its foundation. If you gave up your faith because of something about or in the Bible, maybe you gave up unnecessarily.

During the third installment in the series, Stanley told his North Point Community Church congregants that “the Bible did not create Christianity. The resurrection of Jesus created and launched Christianity.” He is correct, of course. But for some reason, Stanley goes on to assert, “Your whole house of Old Testament cards can come tumbling down. The question is did Jesus rise from the dead, and the eyewitnesses said he did.”

Here’s the broader context of Stanley’s “unhitch” comments:

It’s disturbing perhaps for people like me, like you who received our first Bible with no instructions. But I’ll tell you who it’s liberating for. It’s liberating for men and women who are drawn to the simple message that God loves you so much he sent his Son to pave the way to a relationship with you. It’s appealing and liberating for people who need and understand grace. Who need and understand forgiveness. And its liberating for people who find it virtually impossible to embrace the dynamic, the worldview, and the value system depicted in the story of ancient Israel.


Peter, James, and Paul elected to unhitch the Christian faith from their Jewish Scriptures. And my friends we must as well. Because we must not make it difficult for those Gentiles who are turning to God. They didn’t. We shouldn’t either.

Stanley makes some valid points. He wants to emphasize Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection as the crux of Christianity. He’s right. These events redeemed us back to God as the perfect, necessary sacrifice. I simply can’t understand why Stanley went on to belittle the Old Testament in the process.

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Source: Christian Post