Here We Go: America’s Largest Catholic University Hosts Event Glorifying Polyamory & Open Relationships

America’s largest Catholic University hosted an event last week that featured a discussion reportedly glorifying open relationships and polyamory, concepts that violate Catholic teachings.

Last Thursday, DePaul University in Chicago hosted the event “Polyamory Pause: A Dialogue on Open Relationships and Polyamory,” which was hosted by the school’s LGBTQIA+ Resource Center.

Polyamory is a relationship construct where partners can have multiple sexual partners with the consent of all partners involved.

According to the conservative website Campus Reform, discussion at the event included a wide number topics related to non-monogamous love and lust.

According to a flyer that was photographed and published by Campus Reform, part of the purpose of the event was to “dig past the surface conversation surrounding polyamory and open relationships” and examine “the ways soisl (sic) identity impact this conversations and the embodiment of open and polyamous (sic) relationships.”

Topics of discussion reportedly ranged from the differences between polyamory and cheating on loved ones to discussing the existence of “primary” and “secondary” partners within the context of polyamorous relationships.

“I never liked relationships or wanted to be in one really because I felt like they had to be monogamous, that’s just what I knew, that’s what everyone around me experienced, that’s what I, like, felt, and I just knew that I didn’t wanna deal with,” one participant was quoted as saying. “All the expectations that come with that, all the baggage. I feel like this is a more natural way.”

The student continued by equating the responsibility of having to choose a romantic partner to deciding what to eat when waiting in line at a fast food restaurant.

“Like, I can’t make up my mind what I want to eat at Chipotle, like, how am I supposed to commit to one person, right?” the student asked.

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Source: Christian Post