UK High Court Judge Sets Date for Baby Alfie Evans to Be Taken Off Life Support

One day after the parents of 23-month-old toddler Alfie Evans shared their fears that their child will soon be “executed,” a U.K. judge has set the date and time for when he will be taken off life support in hospital.

BBC News reported that High Court judge Justice Hayden decided on the date and time on Thursday, though the details cannot be shared with the public for legal reasons.

Evans has been receiving treatment at Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool since December 2016, suffering from an undiagnosed degenerative brain disease that according to doctors has made further treatment “futile.”

The parents, Kate James and Tom Evans, strongly protested an earlier decision in February by the High Court allowing Alder Hey to stop treating the toddler. Ultimately, they lost their case both at the Supreme Court and European Court of Human Rights.

Hayden noted that it was “profoundly unfair” what had happened to Alfie, but that all that doctors can do now is offer “good quality palliative care.”

The judge added that during the case, Tom Evans had been “at times hot-headed and impetuous, but he delights in his son” and had “encountered an unfairness about which he can do nothing.”

Explaining why the date of switching off life support needs to be kept hidden from the public, he added: “I remind myself how much of Alfie’s life has been in the public domain, about which he has had no control.

“I wish to emphasize that at this point Alfie is entitled to his privacy at the end of his life.”

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Source: Christian Post