Pro-Life Advocates Push Back Against John Oliver’s Smear Piece on Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Pro-life advocates are pushing back against comedian John Oliver who used his HBO show “Last Week Tonight” to smear nonprofit pro-life crisis pregnancy centers, alleging they give women medically inaccurate information.

Oliver spent the much of his program Sunday sarcastically mocking the work of the pro-life pregnancy centers, at one point suggesting they ought to appreciate contraceptives and be “filling Pez dispensers with birth control pills, giving condoms to trick or treaters, and IUD earrings as hostess gifts.”

Near the end of the segment, Oliver opened up a fake crisis pregnancy center in New York called “Vanned Parenthood” that was set up in a van driven by “Wanda Jo Oliver,” portrayed by Rachael Dratch, who dispensed “alternate facts” about abortion.

One operator of a pro-life health clinic commented that Oliver’s take was one-sided, though she spoke with him about her line of work.

“It was extremely troubling to watch this ‘one sided’ presentation of John Oliver ripping Crisis Pregnancy Centers,” wrote Brandi Swindell on her Facebook page. Swindell is the founder and CEO of Stanton Healthcare in Idaho, which has centers across the state.

She recounted that she was personally interviewed over the phone by Oliver last week and spoke with him at length about her work.

“I talked to him about the professionalism, quality medical care, compassion and commitment we provide for women who choose to come to Stanton,” she explained.

“Thankfully, Stanton and myself were NOT mentioned in this bizarre satire story however it’s disturbing because it shows the obvious bias against life-affirming clinics.”

Her center and others that offer similar services “didn’t fit the narrative for his hate piece,” she went on to say, and the compelling points she made during the interview did not sync with his agenda.

“The most troubling part of the segment is the total disrespect and disregard for the strong, capable, and amazing women we serve. Their voice is what matters most. And one has to wonder why a man would be so obsessed with abortion and making sure women don’t have options other than abortion? It’s sick.”

Likewise, prominent pro-life advocates decried the segment.

“This is a misogynistic hit piece on amazing, nonprofit medical and pregnancy resource centers for women. They provide confidential, free support to those in need. They don’t push or sell abortions, but offer life-affirming practical solutions,” said Lila Rose, president of the pro-life investigative group Live Action, on her Twitter account Monday.

“Shame on you,” she said.

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Source: Christian Post