Pastor William McDowell Documents Over 200 Recorded Miracles at His Church in New Book ‘It’s Happening’

World-renowned worship leader William McDowell, who now pastors Deeper Fellowship Church, based in Orlando, Florida, penned a new book, titled It’s Happening, as a way to document the supernatural phenomena currently taking place in his congregation.

According to McDowell and his team, Deeper Fellowship has been experiencing a “tremendous move of God” for more than a year now starting in 2016. They’ve documented over 200 miracles in which they’ve witnessed physical healings in addition to deliverance, supernatural breakthrough, and salvation. They have begun collecting crutches, wheelchairs, and other medical devices at the altar of the church because “people are being healed.”

“I had to write the book because testimony creates faith for the future and it also brings glory to God,” McDowell told The Christian Post in a recent interview. “I think for us to be experiencing what we’re experiencing and not tell it would be a disservice to what the Lord is doing.”

In his book, which is now available, McDowell “pinpoints what revival is, why we should desire it, and how it is happening now,” the book’s description states. “It’s Happening shows how revival awakens the church to the reality, presence, and power of God.”

In the reading, McDowell shares the miracles he’s been witnessing in his ministry, Deeper Fellowship Church, which just celebrated its four year anniversary.

“I know there are other ministries that experience healings, I know that there are other ministries that experience revival culture and things of that nature — so it’s not that we don’t feel like it’s not happening anywhere,” McDowell told CP.

“I feel like there has to be a group of people that are willing to amplify what the Lord is doing in the earth. And as we could utilize our platform to amplify what the Lord is doing, we had to,” he added. “Even if we didn’t have this platform, I had to write this [book].”

When asked for his honest reaction to all the supernatural things he’s experiencing, the young pastor expressed humble gratitude.

“I’m blown away because no one deserves revival. I think revival is a manifestation of the grace and mercy of God. I’m grateful, I’m humbled, I am astounded, I’m amazed — I’m all of those things together because none of us can make this happen on our own,” he explained.

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Source: Christian Post