Open Doors Calls on Christians to Pray for Syria After US-Coalition Airstrikes

After President Donald Trump announced airstrikes on chemical-weapon targets in Syria in coordination with the U.K. and France, the Open Doors ministry called for urgent prayers for the Syrian people “during this tragic and complex time” due to a “monstrous regime” and an unending civil war.

“Syria is experiencing extremely difficult circumstances. For believers and non-believers alike, they are living with constant threats from a monstrous regime and unending civil war to poverty and overall instability,” the Christian ministry said in a statement.

Homes of numerous Christians in Syria were destroyed in attacks by the Islamic State terror group. “These brave believers returned to their homes to be a light and many of them live in Homs and Damascus—near the targeted strikes,” the statement explained.

It suggested believers pray thus: “Lord, we pray for peace and your protection over the men, women and children of Syria. Keep them safe from the bombs and missiles—no matter who is firing them… We ask you to stop this ongoing civil war in Syria and to provide stability and peace for its people and a future for this generation and generations to come… we pray for you to convict the hearts of the Syrian government to care for its people, more than power.”

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Source: Christian Post