Joyce Meyer Opens Up About Day Her Father Admitted to Sexually Abusing Her & Accepted Christ

Christian author and speaker Joyce Meyer has opened up about the day her father admitted that he sexually abused her for years when she was young, and asked for forgiveness and accepted Jesus Christ.

“If we love the way God loves, that means that we’re going to love when there’s nothing in it for us. When it’s just giving out. I know it will win people to Christ, including some of the hardest people you can imagine,” Meyer said in a sermon posted on her Facebook page on Monday.

“My dad sexually abused me for many years. My mother knew what was happening, she just was a very fearful woman who didn’t know [how] to deal with him, and so just let it happen,” she told the audience, recounting her story of abuse that she frequently shares.

“Later on, many years later, after I thought I had totally forgiven [them], God put it in my heart that I needed to buy them a better house to live in, and take really good care of them until they died,” she continued.

The evangelist explained that was the “last thing” she wanted to do, and wrestled with God, asking Him what her parents had ever done for her, given the history of sexual abuse.

Eventually she realized that “God wants us to be good to people who haven’t done anything for us, because that is the best way in the world that you can do spiritual warfare and keep the devil under your feet.”

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Source: Christian Post